A County Councillor has called on Essex County Council to cut back shrubs and tree on a busy road in Colchester after calling it a ‘disgrace’.

Essex County Councillor Dave Harris has called on County Hall to do something about the overgrown pathway along Berechurch Hall Road after receiving a number of complaints from local residents.

“The footpath has been narrowed badly by brambles, hedges and weeds that encroach on the safety of pedestrians and cyclists alike”, said Dave.

“Young children walk this area and frequently I am told by residents they are forced to walk next to kerb right by cars using Berechurch Hall Road.”

The section of Berechurch Hall Road – between Bounstead Road and Roman Way – is a 40mph speed limit with only a narrow footpath on one side of the road. There is also very little street lighting, making the section particularly hazardous at night.

Essex County Council (ECC) representatives told Dave that the area did not meet “criteria” and was “too much for manual workers to do”.  ECC has said that a machine cut would be required if the works were ever to go ahead.

“I am once again raising it with Highways department where I have said that safety is a real issue here”, said Dave.

“Here’s hoping for a touch of common sense.”

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