A Youtuber and his friends entered Colchester Leisure World in July, filmed the entire escapade, but avoided arrest.

Ally Law, who has over 1.5million Subscribers on Youtube, recently posted the video in which he and his friends enter Colchester Leisure World without permission in an ‘overnight challenge’.

The video starts with the group climbing onto the roof of Leisure World, eventually managing to enter the building through a fire escape. The group can then be seen walking through the sports halls of the complex, before making their way to the leisure pool.

Seen running through the changing rooms, the group then make their way into the control room where they appear to switch on the water to a number of slides, before signing a staff rota dated 28th July 2018 with the name ‘Charlie Miggings’.

Youtube Ally Law gazes through the roof light at Colchester Leisure World after climbing onto the roof. Image credit // youtube.com

After using the water slides a number of times, the group then made their way to the fitness pool where they could be seen using the diving board.

The escapade came to a halt when the police were called. It is not clear how the group managed to gain entry to the building.

Despite being threatened with arrest, the group appear to have been allowed to leave the site without being charged with any offence. As such, trespassing is a civil matter and therefore not subject to police criminal proceedings.

There did not appear to be any damage caused to any of the equipment or facilities by any of the group during the video.

The video can be seen below (bad language contained):

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