Colchester’s MP Will Quince hit out at Colchester Borough Council (CBC) last week for spending £17,000 per edition on a leaflet which is being sent to household across the Borough.

The ‘Centurion’ is a free newspaper designed to make residents more aware of council projects and services, which Mr Quince labelled as “absolutely disgraceful”.

“Last week the Council said it was at breaking point in terms of funding yet can find £50,000 of taxpayer’s money for a totally unnecessary 8-page colour glossy leaflet”, said Mr Quince in a Tweet.

What Mr Quince seems to ignore that this short-term investment will make residents more aware of the services available to them, which in the long-term only stands to boost income for the cash-strapped council.

If CBC can increase visitors to the Town’s museums and other council-owned facilities such as Leisure World, it can generate more money. If more people use the Mercury Theatre and nearby Arts Centre, more money is generated for local businesses whilst ensuring the longevity for quality performing arts venues in the Town. If Colchester is a cleaner, more friendly place, visitors from outside of the Borough are much more likely to visit, in turn, spending money locally and helping the Town to thrive.

Instead, Mr Quince turns the Council’s efforts into a political point. Surely his constant criticism of the current administration can only be in the interests of his own career, and not in the true interests of promoting the good being done in our historic Town?

Ritchie Hicks.

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