Colchester Councillor Martin Goss says that the deep-clean of the Town Centre is just the beginning of a long-term plan for the area.

Earlier this week, Martin accepted that standards had dropped recently due to a “perfect storm of challenges” which included machinery breaking down, but insisted that the clean-up had been planned for some time.

“Significant investment of £300k was announced to further enhance the clean-up in our Town Centre”, said Martin.

“We are investing in further front-line staff and new equipment. Longer term, from September we will introduce a 7 day rota which will further enhance the level of staffing and give us even more capability to keep our streets clean.

“A deep clean of the town using an external company is also underway on top of the investment in new equipment and further staff.”

But Martin believes that the public’s approach to littering needs to change.

“We also take enforcement seriously where litter and cigarette butts are dropped as this has major detriment on the cleanliness of our town and the behaviour needs to change”, he said.

The deep clean began on Wednesday 25th July and is expected to last 2 weeks.

Martin insisted the plan was completely unrelated to a social media post put out by Conservative Will Quince this week, in which the MP claimed that the cleanliness of the Town was his “biggest cause of complaints” from constituents.

Local authorities have seen their core central government funding axed in recent years by the Conservative government, with overall funding to be further cut by £2.7 billion between 2018/19 and 2019/20 – a 54 per cent reduction.1 This has left council leaders in the unenviable position of having to reduce non-essential services in some areas, to provide more funding for essential services such as social care.

A Colchester Borough Council employee cleaning the pavement in Head Street. The Works are expected to last 2 weeks



2 Replies to “Martin Goss: Deep-Clean is Just the Beginning for Town Centre”

  1. Any idea how £300k is broken down? how much of it is one off spend? And of the recurring costs is there a period of time stated?

    1. Hi Jess. This information wasn’t requested, so we don’t have an answer I’m afraid.

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