Young People took centre stage in ‘The Toad of Berechurch Hall’ presented to local residents as part of this year’s Summer Drama week, held in the St Margaret’s Church Hall on the Monkwick Estate, last Friday.

A full house saw local children play out the story of Toad, a wheeler-dealer, who always wants more. The story starts with Toad showing off a crown and some jewels he found to his friends at his home in Berechurch Hall. The King of the Weasels learns of Toads find, steals the jewels from Toad’s safe but leaves the crown in the Hall.  He turns Toad into the Police following news reports of the Crown Jewels being stolen in London. Toad is arrested and tried in Court.  Toad is held in prison. The King of Weasels and his followers take over Berechurch Hall and throw a party to celebrate there ill gotten gains.

Toad’s friends, Ratty, Mole and Badger get Toad out of Gaol on Bale and all four sneaked back into the hall. They hide when they hear the King and his weasels coming.  They overheard the King of the Weasels bragging about what he had done. Learning the truth, they call the Police, King Weasel was arrested and Toad gets the hall back. The moral of the story was that you only need the bare necessities of life to be happy. The finale ensures and the cast takes the applause.

The event’s organisers Bev Springett and Sally Hodges where thrilled by the children’s performance. Some had not known each other when they came together a week ago to begin their journey.

A cast of nearly thirty children, some from underprivileged backgrounds, had taken their chance to grow and shine. The audience loudly cheered them and the organisers of the church drama week vowed to do it all again next year.

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