A live saving AED defibrillator located in Lion Walk has been used twice in 14 days to attend to unwell members of the public.

The AED, which was funded by the Colchester Catalyst Charity in partnership with Colchester Community First Responders, was installed only a few weeks ago.

An AED helps to restart the heart in the event of cardiac arrest. Placing the devices in local areas allows any member of the public trained or non-trained.
There will be 20 defibrillators located around Colchester installed by Christmas, with another 20 planned for next year.

Community First Responders can administer life-saving first aid in a matter of minutes; rather than waiting for emergency services to arrive.

An AED was also dispatched in Shrub End on Saturday.

Martin Ford, a Community First Responder who has been assisting with fund-raising for more AED’s across Colchester, said:

“We are running a campaign #stopthink90 in which we would love every person in Colchester to be within 3 minutes – there and back – from their closest defibrillator.

“Defibrillators are proven to increase survival rates and every minute that a defibrillator is not used in a cardiac arrest, a persons life expectancy reduces by 10 per cent.”
A scheme to raise funds for a defibrillator in Monkwick & Berechurch was also launched this week. You can learn more about it on the Monkwick & Berechurch AED Justgiving Page.

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