So our new council leader Mark Cory (Lib Dem), has this week suggested that people not s*** on their own doorstep, at a time when the Council’s street cleaning machine is offline.

Mr Cory, Council Leader since May, defended his statement, adding he was fed up with people not disposing of litter appropriately and called upon residents and visitors to our town to do their bit, citing the need for Civic Pride.

I concur: Colchester’s streets are filthy. A deep clean has been promised as has a £300.000 investment into making our town cleaner.

However, it isn’t just the Town centre that is suffering.

Rubbish bag and uncollected waste litter our estates, being ripped open by vermin, exacerbating the problem.

Despite every household receiving waste collection calendars and information on recycling, there is still a significant minority of households refusing to. This means their waste remains uncollected.

There is most certainly an element of a couldn’t care less attitude and we ought to be naming and shaming and enforcing fines to individuals, households and businesses that are irresponsible.

What is Civic Pride? It’s an attitude of mindfulness. It starts with me: Pride in my immediate vicinity, the wider community, my Town.

Civic Pride is everyone’s responsibility, and we all ought to be doing our best to tackle the lack of it, especially with temperatures as they are. Still rain forecast tomorrow should make a start on refreshing our filthy streets.

Peter Greening, Colchester.

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