Colchester’s Foodbank has asked for local support as the festive season commences.

Last December, the Foodbank provided 837 three day emergency food supplies to local people in crisis, 360 of which went to children, and is concerned this December could be even busier.

The Foodbank says that covering the costs of increasingly cold weather and having children at home during the school holidays make December a difficult time for many people. When this is paired with something unavoidable like a delayed benefit payment, illness or levels of benefits not covering the cost of essentials, people are pushed into crisis.

In the lead up to Christmas 2017, people across North East Essex pulled together to ensure the foodbank had enough food and funds to ensure everyone referred was able to access emergency help. The charity is encouraging anyone planning to support their work this Christmas to donate as soon as possible, to ensure stretched foodbank volunteers have enough time to process and distribute generous donations during the busy lead up to Christmas.

Michael Beckett, Foodbank Manager at Colchester Foodbank said:

“Every year, the Foodbank sees an increase in demand in December, but based on the help people have already needed this year, we think the lead up to this Christmas could be particularly busy. It’s not right that anyone in Colchester or the surrounding North East Essex needs a foodbank at any time of year.

“We’re working with other foodbanks across the country to campaign for long-term change so hopefully we can reach a future where no one needs us. Whilst that work is underway, we’ll do all we can to make sure local people at risk of hunger this Christmas get crucial support.

“We’re extremely lucky that local people are so generous, especially at this time of year, because we rely on the people of Colchester to get help to people when it’s most needed. That’s why as we begin the busy month of December, we’re asking for your help to make sure that no one goes hungry this Christmas. Thank you.”

Any donations of presents for children should be sent to Emmaus at 175 Magdalen St, Colchester CO1 2JX.

Any donations of food items liked tinned vegetables, small packets of rice, washing capsules, deodorant, Christmas food items and vital funds which are particularly needed, and can be made by dropping off donations at supermarkets and at our warehouse, or visiting Colchester Foodbank’s website page where people can donate money either as a one of gift or even better commit to giving a regular monthly gift.

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