Colchester town centre is set to be invaded again this year by volunteer Costumers and to raise funds for local charities.

Invasion Colchester is now 8 years old and was originally founded by Simon Leonard. Simon came up with the idea as a way to help raise money for local causes after he almost died from the H1N1 strain of swine flu. He is supported by the event’s Coordinator, Kerrie Williams, from Ace Comics.

“Due to the substantial success of the original event, a decision was made there and then to continue Invasion Colchester every year, for as long as we can, raising money for additional charities in the process”, said Simon.

All the characters seen around the town give up their time free-of-charge, many travelling long distances to attend the event.

Special guests will include actors Mike Edmonds, Nick Joseph and Sandeep Mohan; all of whom have played roles in Star Wars movies.

The event also promises live music, a character hunt, a fancy dress competition and refreshments.

“It never ceases to amaze me how brilliant the people of Colchester and everyone connected with this fabulous event can be”, said Kerrie.

All proceeds will go to Colchester Hospitals Charity and St Helena Hospice.

Invasion takes place on 1st September 2018 and kicks off at 10am.

Whether you’re a fan of Disney Princesses, Stormtroopers, or just want to have a good time, there will be a hero at Invasion for everyone.

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