The political wing of the Co-operative Party is a growing force in Colchester.  Members will hold their next meeting in Colchester on Wednesday 12 December 2018.  The local branch of the Co-operative Party is expanding its membership in the town.  Set-up to give a voice to Co-operative values, the party (which is supported financially by the East of England Co-op) has two Councillors that are part of the ruling coalition that runs Colchester Borough Council.

The local Branch will meet at the Hythe Community Centre. The main topic for discussion is a policy paper entitled Ownership in the 21st Century. Members will discuss the Co-operative Party plans to unleashed the cooperative sector should its sister party (with whom it has a longstanding electoral pact since 1928), The Labour Party, come to power. The aim is to double the size of the Co-operative sector and get more workers helping to run their own workplaces on a mutually cooperative basis.

Locally, Co-operative Councillors are taking part a Council run-run Task & Finish group that will be discussing alternative ways to provide local services.

Cllr Martyn Warnes, who is to chairs the group, said:

“I’m hoping that worker-led co-operatives will be part of that discussion as well as looking at how the Council can increase the social value it gets from the good and services it buys in.

“I’d be looking to ‘bend the spend’ so our local economy benefits more from the money our Council spends.”

The Co-operative Party is the third biggest group in Westminster Parliament with 37 MPs.  This means that more people are promoting co-operative values at the highest levels.  More than the Scottish National Party (SNP) and dwarfs the representation that the Liberal Democrats have in Parliament.

Locally the Co-operative Party is punching also its tin the Town Hall and is membership is growing.

At the upcoming meeting the local branch of the party will take another steps towards promoting co-operative values in the locality. Anyone interested in getting involved in the Co-operative Party are encourage to contact its local Branch Secretary on 07422 575 685.


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